Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Initial estimated financial outlay for your cyber café business.

Here is a summary of the initial financial outlay for your cyber café. This is a very flexible outlay. It is only a guide to what is essential for the takeoff of your café business.

1. Computers ( minimum 10 systems – fairly used ) N28,000.00 X 10 = N280,000.00. Branded systems (minimum 10 systems) N90,000.00 x 10 = N900,000.00

2. Furniture (table and chairs) for ten systems N100.000.00 TO N120,000.00

3. UPS (650w) for 10 systems at N5500.00 = N55,000.00 and UPS (1200W) for the server 1 system N15,000.00

4. Printers laserjet - N22,000.00 for black and white printing. Deskjet – N10,000.00 for colour printing.

5. Router for hotspot (for laptop customers) – N10,000.00

6. Stabilizers 2 5,000w each – N10,000

7.. Standing fans two at N9,000.00 each (Binatone) – N18,000.00

8. Air conditioning units 2 (depending on the size of the room ) N70,000.00 each – N140,000.00

9. Photocopy machine (fairly used) – N70,000.00

 10. Laminating machine, new, N6,000.00

 11. Binding machine, new, N11,000.00

12. Mtnhynet equipment N30,000.00 (outdoor unit) N24,000.00 indoor unit.

 13. MTN subscription for one month of 1Mbits – 63,750.00

14. Generator (Honder elemax – 6.5KVA) – N240,000.00

15. Networking (running of wires Ethernet cables) and configuration of the network – N40,000.00

This is just an estimate of what you may need for your cyber café and the cost. This also depends on what you want to use for your power system .

The addition of solar and inverters will drive up the cost considerably. If you want to see these added or if I have omitted anything, please comment below.


  1. Am setting up a cafe at nasarawa state near abuja. I've gone through most of these steps and stocked with my ups beep even when there's light PHCN. Do i buy a stabilizer for them each, how many watts? please your contact will do me more favor. i need your assistant.


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